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#13, 2011

Cathedra in the Pines


#Sunset in #denville after the torrential downpour. 😍🌅👍 (at Denville Downtown)


This asshole’s new routine in the morning is to demand breakfast like this. #cats #pets #denville #newjersey


This post is for the clown that said I was wrong about Denville, NJ having shitty pizza. Here’s half a pie from Pavolo’s Pizzeria next to the A&P. First off, I tried to be open about the pizza in Denville especially after reading the response I got, so I went into Pavolo’s with an open mind. Plus, New Jersey usually only fails maybe… 5% of the time (at least this is true for Northern Jersey and the Metro area). However, Pavolo’s Pizzeria blew it BIG TIME. You know the pizza is going to be weak when there are those “crack-like” splits throughout the cheese and sauce peeks through. It’s always bound to suck from there. I am not quite sure on the price per slice since my job got pies for a meeting. It’s safe to say though that I am quite thrilled I did not have to pay for this.

Rating: 2/5


He’s right, Denville has, or at least, had, shitty pizza.


My town at christmas time #home #christmas #denville

I lived here twice, once when I was around 5 and then again from when I was 19, before I moved into Manhattan. Seems like someone else’s life.


Wasting on Flickr.

I used to live here.

This will be me at my next pay review.

This will be me at my next pay review.

Everybody think fruit is healthy, but look at the bitches who ate the apple



Via I Am Your Leader!

She is perfect.

I shouldn’t be laughing at this.

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